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 Vectis Consulting offers a variety of plans and special services to fit the preferences of your academic department. 

We provide three packages which are customizable and can be suited for your individual program and budget.

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  • Departmental Higher Learning Commission Preparation

  • Departmental Assessment Plans

  • College Academic Reprioritization Preparation and Strategy

  • Departmental  Branding and Marketing Plan

  • Faculty Handbook Review

  • Custom Requests Available


Meet the Director

 Dr. Eric Berg has 20 years teaching experience in higher education and  15 with one institution. 

Dr. Berg has led Higher Learning Commission reaccreditation efforts, taught and redesigned humanities and general education curriculum, and twice rebuilt his own philosophy department. 


Lecture Hall Tutor
Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar


 At Vectis Consulting, we advise college and university level academic programs and general education programs by performing a critical assessment of your programs and the environment in which they operate. 

We provide our clients with unique departmental-tailored ideas, strategies, and a plan with measurable goals using key performance indicators which include quantitative data with a cost/benefit analysis. 

Our plans help protect your program from contraction and lead to program sustainability, departmental growth, and college or university wide integration. A revitalized program can lead to increased enrollment in the major and in specific classes, and increase the retention of current students and key faculty members, making the program attractive for prospective students. In addition, we can help position departments for positive outcomes during an academic restructuring process, assessment, accreditation review, Higher Learning Commission visit, or other external audit.

We achieve this through extensive interaction, research and analysis of the programs, and delivering a detailed and unique plan with live consultation and follow up. 



15 South Old Capitol Plaza

Springfield, Illinois 62701

(217) 971.1860


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